Happy New Year 2017 from Sun-Tec

Happy New Year!

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you in the previous year. We look forward to continued success together in the upcoming New Year.
Each year Sun-Tec selects one Kanji character at the beginning of the New Year as our focus. This year we selected the character 信 (Shin) “Belief/Trust”.
Last year there were big changes in politics, such as UK leaving the EU, Mr. Trump being elected as President in the U.S., etc. It is said that depending on the U.S. policies in 2017, the power balance of world politics and the economy may change drastically. We don’t know how that will affect our business.
No matter how the environment changes, Sun-Tec will continue trust in each other, manufacture products that customers can trust and rely on, and work hard to make machines that will increase the number of companies that know and trust the Sun-Tec name. That is why we chose this word.

Sun-Tec employees will continue to “Devote our soul to each machine” to meet our customers’ expectation.
We appreciate your continuous support of Sun-Tec machine in 2017.

President, Ryoji Matsumoto
Sun-Tec Co., Ltd.

January 2017

Here is the our new year's group pictures..

Head office (Amagasaki(Osaka), Japan)

Sendai Factory (Kagoshima, Japan)

Tokyo Office (Tokyo, Japan)


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